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Sally Stone of Continuity in Architecture has followed up her recent letter about the redevelopment of Preston with an opinion piece for the Lancashire Evening Post. Her original letter deploring the City Council’s proposals has obviously struck a chord locally as she has been invited to meetings with others worried by the published scheme. Her views are reinforced by the leading article in the same issue. Click on the images for readable versions of the opinion piece and leading article (click through to Flickr page and click ‘All Sizes’ above the Flickr image for larger versions). A supplement in the same issue showing aerial photographs of the city points to a possible general awakening of interest in the qualities of the place.

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2 thoughts on “Set in Stone”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Sally Stone’s disquiet over the so-called regeneration of Preston – it appears to involve destroying all the unique assets Preston has. If we wanted to live in a bland city with no character, community, or green spaces, we only need to hang around another few years it seems, and it will be all around us: a soulless place from which all the character and heart will have been ripped.
    Save Preston from “regeneration” if all it involves is losing everything we value most about living here – including our beautiful River and green belt which Preston City Council seem determined to turn over to housing and business developments and speedboats.

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