Continuity in Architecture demands good food - the sketch was supplied by Robert Evans of Evans Vettori Architects, Matlock direct from this atmospheric Roman trattoria.

4 Responses to “Restaurant recommendation: ‘Da Ugo’ Rome”

  1. Eamonn Canniffe Says:

    Memorable dishes include a mounded bowl of fettucine al’ragu on a damp November day - rabbit with roast potatoes - and being told off for not eating all my carciofo - all the goodness is in the stalk!

  2. Mariangela Says:

    I ate all my greens up!

  3. Eamonn Canniffe Says:

    Perhaps Mariangela could share some other Italian restaurant recommendations - Continuity in Architecture thrives on full stomachs…

  4. Manuele Says:

    Hi guys realy good place. i have been there many many times. great place.
    But if you want to try some sea food go to Sa Tanca Crostaceria. Ita a cool restaurant in central Rome.